Is There a Way to Lessen the Appearance of my 33 Year Old Third Degree Burn (Hot Water) Scar? (photo)

The scars are in my arm and they are raised. I was less than a year old when it happened. I know that I can't completely remove them (unless there is a way) but are there procedures that can make them look inconspicuous. I'm Asian in case it matters. Thank you.

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Burn scars and arm

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Unless there is a functional issue, I do not think that many would treat this.  Sometimes serial excisions can be performed to remove parts of the scar. Some would consider tissue expansion but that will leave balloons on your arm for several months to expand the tissue.  Best to be evaluated in person.

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Burn reconstruction

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There are ways to change this with skin grafts and skin flaps but you'd need to see a plastic surgeon associated with a major burn unit because they do lots of this.  One thing is that it isn't scarless.

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