Is There a Laser to Permanently Remove Face Hair? Began at Age 5, over 40 Years I Have Been Praying to Find a Doctor. (photo)

At age 5 a 6 pound tumor was discovered in my stomach. Side effect was hair on my body& face plus balding like a grown man .It almost took my life because It was attached to my heart .At age14 a brave group of surgeons were able to remove it. The hair on my body went away but the hair on my face got worse, I can not even express how difficult life has been with my condition . Is there a laser medication, or surgery that can help me remove the hair permanently . I still have hope. Thank you

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Is Laser Hair Removal for Me?

Hi Andover.  Abnsolutely, yes there is hope for you.  It is difficult to say which laser we would use from the picture you posted, but if you are Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic we would use the Lumenis Lightsheer and if you are African American we would use the Sciton Profile.  6-8 treatments typically yields 75% - 95% permanent hair removal when done correctly.  

The experience of the person using the technology and the type of laser (or wavelength) will affect your results as well.  Look for a Dioce, Alexandrite or Yag laser depending on your skin type.  

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