Is There a Lab Test That Could Be Done After Explantation of Leaking Silicone Implants to Prove It Before Sending to Mentor?

Apparently my Mentor silicone gel implants have been leaking for five years. Neither the imaging facility or the doctor told me until after this year's mammogram. I have seen my original doctor and will be getting the implants replaced. The implants will have to be sent to Mentor before the warranty will kick in. How do I know Mentor will evaluate them honestly, given the fact that all they would have to say is there is no leak to invalidate the claim? Could a lab test be done for proof?

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Leaking Implant

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There is no lab test to look at leaking implants. Don't worry Mentor is a honest company.


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There is no blood work that cans proof it was leaking. What happens with mentor is they send the implant they examine the implant and then they send you your reimbursement. Mentor is an honest company you have nothing to fear.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Mentor Will Honestly Evaluate Implants

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There is no blood test which can be done to prove silicone is leaking from an implant.  But I don't feel that you should be distrustful of Mentor.  I have never encountered a problem with Mentor replacing an implant.  They ask for the device so that they can exemine it with electron microscopy.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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