Is There Any Kind of Financial Assistance Besides Bank Loans and or Care Credit out There for Mommy Makeovers?

I have had several consultations over the years and been online viewing other "lucky" peoples results and cannot help but keep wondering how I can ever afford to complete what I have wished for since I had my last child. I just keep getting older and still have no idea how to afford these amazing procedures. I have had second jobs, been able to save, and it never fails something always seems to come up that we "need the money for" instead. I am at a loss and loosing my determination.

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Financing for Plastic Surgery

    Besides CareCredit, there are several other companies that can finance.  In house financing available at the surgeon's office may be helpful.  If you cannot afford all of the procedures, do the one that you want the most.

Financing options

There are financing options offered by surgeons. The financing company pays off your surgery for you, and then you make monthly payments to the financing company. These payments can be just a couple hundred a month. My patients and I haven't had any problems dealing with the financing companies we've dealt with (Crelogix, Credit Medical). 

Ronald Levine, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Paying for Your Mommy Makeover

Thank you for your question.

There are many financing companies (Care Credit is one of them) who can help finance a mommy makeover.  Also, some surgeons have in house financing.  

I would suggest that you first find the surgeon with whom you are comfortable with and then ask the office staff what options you have for financing.

Best wishes.

Financial Assistance

Dont lose your determination, sometimes the most worthwhile endeavors are the hardest to achieve.  There are multiple instutions that offer financing other than Care Credit like Glamour and Enhance.  But i dont think that is the answer you are looking for.  Some Plastic Surgeons may offer in house financing or payment plans.  Another option is to rank order what areas you would like to correct then get done what bothers you the most.  Good luck and dont give up.

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