Can the lateral length of the jaw be increased using chin implants, to make my face look longer?

Chin not in proportion with my face.I have to keep my upper & lower teeth 1/2 an inch apart to give the illusion that it is proportional.I have uneven bite & I don't show much of my upper teeth when I smile. Shd I go for Ortho Surgery or shd I just get braces wait a year or 2 & then get a chin implant.Chin implant that can increase the lateral length of mental protuberance is good & if there is a type of an implant that can add a little length to the body of the Mandible as well then even better

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Custom Jawline Implant

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There is no off the shelf implant that can achieve those chin/jawline changes. But they can easily be done by a custom jawline implant design made off of a 3D CT scan of your jaw.

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