Saline Implant Removal in Buffalo, NY?

I had my saline Breast Implants done on 7/24/12. And I hate them, they are way too big, and I want them out now! I am now having anxiety attacks every morning and night because the Implants feeling like heavy weight bags and I remember when I got home and took the bra off it felt so good, now I can never take these heavy weight bags off.

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“Hate” Breast Implants after Breast Augmentation…

I'm sorry to hear about the “distress” you are  experiencing after breast augmentation surgery. Although it is not uncommon for patients to feel that they are “too small” or “too big”,  it is unusual for patients to have the  some what extreme  desire to have the breast implants removed this early out of surgery. I think you would benefit from a long discussion with your plastic surgeon and/or additional counseling. Make sure that some form of “anxiety disorder” is not a component of your emotional reaction at this point.

If, at all possible, it will be best for you to wait a period of at least 3 to 6 months before making any final decisions about the procedure that has been performed.I routinely ask my patients  to wait at least 3-6 months before   evaluating the end results of the breast augmentation surgery.  This waiting time allows patients to (uaually) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image.  

There are both physiological and “psychological” reasons to wait on having  revisionary surgery. From the physiological standpoint, it takes many months ( and even up to one year) to see the final results of surgery. factors such as swelling,  tissue contraction,  skin redraping,  implant shifting etc. come into play.

From the psychological standpoint, patients undergo an “adaptation period"  during which time they get used to the changes that the surgical procedure has brought about.  Severe emotional swings can also occur after any type of surgical procedure.
Obviously, it is best for patients not to be making important decisions ( for example about the results of surgery and/or the need for additional surgery) while they are experiencing these emotional “ups and downs”.

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Saline Implant Removal


You need to sit down with your plastic surgeon NOW and discuss your outcome and emotional discomfort.  At this early time, you must evaluate how much of your size unhappiness is post-operative swelling and or "highness" of the implant on your chest wall.

We measure our patients in the office and implants (size and shape) are suggested based upon the existing breast dimensions.. We then provide a bra and try-on implants to arrive at a size comfortable for the patient and the surgeon. This can take a bit of time for a patient to be comfortable with the size she selects. 

  • You might discuss downsizing your implant size as an alternative to removals.
  • If the size remains too big (fixable with a smaller implant) in the coming weeks or  if you are not able to live with the change in your body image, you need to discuss a solution.   Only you and your plastic surgeon together can come up with a treatment plan.

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Being its only a few weeks post surgery you are still very swollen. You need to give your body a few month for swelling to subside to make up your mind to remove your implants. You want to wait at least 6 months.

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Breast Implants

You ought to discuss these concerns with your surgeon, discuss your anxieties and concerns. You need to have an idea what the explantation will do your breasts and whether you need a capsulectomy. You may consider more help fromyour family physician or psychiatrist, who can help coup with body image and the changes of your body image.

You can then make an informed and not an emotional decision.

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Saline implant removal

Any changes to your body can take a while to get used to - sometimes it takes months before you feel like the breast implants are truly "part" of you.   You might consider waiting longer as you become accustomed to your new breasts before planning to undergo another surgery to remove them. 

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