Is There Anything in a Biopsy of a Lipoma That Can Help Diagnose Dercum's Disease?

I believe I have Dercum's Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa. I have lumps in my arms, legs, back, sides and throughout my abdomen. I saw a dermatologist today and have been scheduled for a biopsy or one or two lipomas. She mentioned the possibility of angiolipomas. Can a biopsy help diagnose Dercum's or will it just rule out other things? What CAN it tell me? What if (as I suspect) many of these are angiolipomas, and she begins to remove one that's attached to many? Will most doctors halt procedure?

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Dercum's disease

Dercum's disease is a diagnosis by ruling out other conditions. Nothing in a lipoma biobsy that will diagnose Dercum's disease.

It is a medical condition not a dermatologic disease, it is possibly an auto-immune disease.

Treatment is geared at managing the pain. It is not a surgical disease.

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