Is There Anything in a Biopsy of a Lipoma That Can Help Diagnose Dercum's Disease?

I believe I have Dercum's Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa. I have lumps in my arms, legs, back, sides and throughout my abdomen. I saw a dermatologist today and have been scheduled for a biopsy or one or two lipomas. She mentioned the possibility of angiolipomas. Can a biopsy help diagnose Dercum's or will it just rule out other things? What CAN it tell me? What if (as I suspect) many of these are angiolipomas, and she begins to remove one that's attached to many? Will most doctors halt procedure?

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Dercum's disease information and lipoma excision and biopsy

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A diagnosis of Dercum’s disease is suspected based on clinical history, history, examination, and identification of characteristic multiple fatty growths. Surgical removal and microscopic evaluation of the resected specimens confirms that these growths are lipomas. Remember that Dercum's Check out the link below for other signs and symptoms that occur in Dercum's disease.

Dr Karamanoukian
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Dercum's disease

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Dercum's disease is a diagnosis by ruling out other conditions. Nothing in a lipoma biobsy that will diagnose Dercum's disease.

It is a medical condition not a dermatologic disease, it is possibly an auto-immune disease.

Treatment is geared at managing the pain. It is not a surgical disease.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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