Is There an Ideal Weight to Be for a Butt Augmentation?

I am looking to have butt augmentation done in the next year and I want to see if there is a good ideal weight to be or have . I am currently 155lbs and 5'4" 38,33,39 . I want to be 38, 28,43

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Butt Augmentation

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If you are considering a brazilian buttock augmentation / fat augmentation to buttocks, you need to have enough excess fat in other areas to be a candidate for this fat transfer.  Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Ideal Weight for Surgery

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Although guidelines and recommendations vary among surgeons, I usually recommend that my patients be within 20 pounds of his or her ideal weight when considering a cosmetic procedure. Being at, or as close as possible to, an ideal weight minimizes the chance that the surgical results will be influenced by a large weight loss or gain. For buttock augmentation if there is not enough fat available for fat transfer, patients do have the option of using an implant to achieve the desired fullness. It is important to find a surgeon whom you are comfortable with and who has experience in this procedure.

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