Is There an "Ideal" Tip?

I got a rhinoplasty in November of last year and my tip was refined although it didn't need to be. I am wondering why my doctor felt this needed to be done. Is there an ideal look for a nasal tip and do most doctors think everyone should have this look? I am so upset - my individuality is gone

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"Ideal" Nasal Tip

The "ideal" tip is well defined and most importantly is proportional to the rest of the  nose. All rhinoplasty surgery should be individualized; over the past 35 years I've never done two noses exactly the same. Good surgeons do not feel that everyone should have the same look.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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"ideal" nasal tip

I think that if you look in textbooks there are general tip "ideals" which are really goals to achieve better harmony of the nasal structures. What may look good for one person may not look good for another.  My "ideal" tip is one that looks natural for the patient and I achieved their goals.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Ideal Nasal Tip Shape

The answer is yes and no. There is certainly what many facial plastic surgeons describe is the 'ideal' nasal tip in terms of proportion and shape. But, unfortunately, if you put the 'ideal' nasal tip on most faces, it is not going to appear in balance with the surrounding facial features. That is largely because no one out there has an ideal face. So, by definition, you are putting a nose on a face that will not necessarily be in harmony. The essence of great rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose in context of the face so that a natural looking result is achieved. In many cases, this means leaving the tip alone or reshaping only certain features of the tip. The ideal nasal tip in this sense is the one that simply matches the rest of the nose and face. The risk of doing too much to a patient's nasal tip (and/or bridge) is that you will alter their identity if not careful. Unfortunately, it sounds like you might be in this category of rhinoplasty results. Now that you are nearly one year out from surgery, you might want to consider having the tip revised to try and recapture some of the features of your old nose.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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