Is there hope for arms to equalize after 4.5 months?

i had full body 4d vaser four and a half months ago. i am not happy at all with my results but my arms are my major worry now. i have one fleshy normal looking arm (with saggy under arm) and one arm that is too thin and feels like a bone and tight underarms. one arm was obviously over sucked and has much better skin retraction than the other. is there hope? or are my arms deformed for life?

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Contour concerns after Vaser Lipo

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Vaser liposuction is a specialized procedure where an ultrasonic energy source is used to facilitate fat removal
and to aid with skin tightening. The energy source however can sometimes prolong recovery because it takes longer for the energy source to dissipate and the full result to be apparent. I would wait an additional 2-3 months
to judge the result, and I'm sure that there will be continued equalization of the arms. Then we can judge whether any secondary procedures  are needed.

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