Is There Honestly Any Laser Treatment out There That Can REALLY Actually Fix Large Pores and Bad Skin? (photo)

I am 24 and have terrible skin. My facial skin looks like a sponge (with huge gaping pores and holes and unevenness) I had acne since I was 13 and always picked at my face. I have also had many sunburns. My face is now even beginning to show fine lines and wrinkles from all the harsh facial cleansers I have used in the past. is there truly any treatment that can REALLY fix this? I am a young mother and on a tight budget. What would you recommend to make my face more pretty and less masculine?

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Bad skin suggestions - fixing on a budget

If your pores are clogged all the time they will be stretched - making them even more likely to accumulate solidified oils. Over washing tends to dehydrate and compound the problem as harsh cleansers actually cause your skin to produce more oil.

I'd suggest you move into a gentler skin care (Neutrogena has good products that are very affordable) - there are various skin brushes on the market - again I think Neutrogena has one. These automatic brushes help clear out dirt and oil from the pores and also stimulate the skin. The best one is Clarisonic but you budget might not allow.

Try some of the clay based masks. They will also help draw debris from the pore.

Use sunscreen - oil free. An oil free moisturizer. If you still break out, use benzoyl peroxide but not the super high percentage. You may have to baby your skin back to better skin health.

As to lasers - Isolaz will help clear pores and kill acne bacteria. Fraxel will smooth the skin. But you must have a good home care program in place no matter what medical level treatments you get.

Eat well - get reasonable rest - try eating more vegetables and fruit and lots of water. Too much sugar, starches,caffeine, sodas and high fructose corn syrup are skin enemies.


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