Non Surgical Options To Treat Facial Scars on Dark Skin? (photo)

I am a black African lady from Namibia southern Africa. i have angry scar ( marks) on my face and i am not happy with it. i cannot afford a plastic surgery but i believe there is something i can use to remove or mimize it. i Heard of scar away silicone scar sheet. help please i am despret.

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Non surgical scar treatment of the face

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Unfortunately, your scars can't be well appreciated on your photos so specific recommendations can't be made. Nevertheless, there are non-surgical options that could help some scars though not necessarily treat them to the best degree. This can included topical silicone gel, skin bleaching agents and even injectables though the cost of the latter may ultimately be more than a surgical procedure.

You would be best served consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon with an interest in scar treatment.

Non Surgical Options To Treat Facial Scars on Dark Skin?

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A scar can be manipulated as it is healing and maturing; A process which takes as long as 8-12 months. If a scar goes up (like a cake being baked) it is considered HYPETROPHIC and can be flattened with topical silicone sheeting or ointment or injections of steroids. If the scar is darker it may be lightened with application of bleaching creams. If it is depressed, it may be raised by using a needle to cut the attachments which pull it into the tissue and injecting either fat or a filler under the scar lifting it. BUT - if the scar is mature and wide, only surgery can REVISE it by cutting it out and re-doing it.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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