Is There a Way for Intensification my Eyebrows Hair?

my eyebrows hair is very light ad short , i want to know if there is a way for intensification them and give them nice shape ?

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There are two treatment options for eyebrow growth.  Latisse is a medication manufactured by Allergan that allows for improved growth and density of the eyelashes.  Off-label uses include improvement in eyebrow growth, as well.  The second option is FUE (follicular unit extraction) whereby hairs from the back of the scalp are transplanted hair by hair to the eyebrow.  The average number of hairs needed varies by the patient's individual need.  This provides for permanent eyebrow restoration.

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Re: eyebrow hair transplant

Yes, the fullness of the brows can be enhanced with eyebrow hair transplant procedures. Although this has been in existence for a while, new advancements have improved on existing techniques. For example Advanced FUE with uGraft offers a way to harvest thinner hairs from the nape with extremely minimal risk of scarring and damage to the follicle.
Conventionally, head hairs are used. But these are thicker and create a less natural looking result. Here is an example of a patient who underwent this procedure’


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Options to help intensify eyebrows

Latisse is a topical product that is approved to help with eyelash growth, but it can also help to grow eyebrows.  You might give that a try first and see if it helps.  Other than that, there are hair transplants that could be done to help.  

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