Why Are There a Few Small Bumps Under my Eyes After Stem-cells Being Injected?

12 days ago, I received a plastic surgeon using my own stem-cells in South Korea. The doctor injected the stem-cells around my eyes, and then I returned to China. I found there are a few lumps under my eyes, and I asked the doctor why it's happenning. He told me that it was normal and the lumps should disappear in two or three weeks if I kept hot compressing and massage gently. However the bumps are still there so I get a little bit worried. Can you please tell me what causes the lumps?

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Lumps from stem cells?

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I assume you had fat injections to your lids. You may be feeling the fat that was injected.  It should not feel lumpy but I suppose it could until the swelling and inflammation go down.  You should follow closely with your doctor.

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