Is There Any Way to Examine if the Restlyne is 100% Dissolved Under Your Skin?

I had restlyne injected 8 months ago, and I really don't like it. I am just wondering if I use hyaluronidase to dissolve it, is there any way I can examine if the restlyne is totally gone from my skin? Will x-ray help? Thanks for answering

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Restylane and longevity

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Using hyaluronidase to dissolve any remaining Restylane should be sufficient when done properly, in removing the H/A. If you've been to a reputable and well-informed provider, you should rest assured the product will be gone once injected with the enzyme.

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Obviously, if you want your Restylane 100% removed, you probably have an issue with the injector.

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There is no real test for the presence of HA filler.  The real question is what issues are you having?  The filler product can be profoundly broken down and essentially removed using hyaluronidase enzyme injections.  It is a function of dose and experience.  Your treating doctor is unlikely to have sufficient skill with enzyme because this is an advanced skill.  If you do have a relationship with the injector, sure ask.  If you don't have a relationship or there has been a break down in the relationship, there is help for you out there.  Call around in your area and look for an experienced physician that regularly does enzyme adjustment.  Practically, these fillers can persist for several years and be the basis for unsatisfactory issues.  So it is highly worth your while to pursue help for this.

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Is There Any Way to Examine if the Restlyne is 100% Dissolved Under Your Skin?

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 The Restylane should be almost gone at 8 months following the injections and you should just let it all go away on it's own if you don't like the results.  There aren't any XRAYS that will show the Restylane but you could ask the MD that did your Restylane injections his/her opinion. 

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