Is There Any Way to Enhance Breast Fullness Without Surgery?

I have a condition in which my body produces thick adhesions after surgery or infection. During my last c/s my bladder could not be surgically removed from my uterus due to thick, unremovable adhesions. I lost 30lbs. over a three month period and my breasts have really lost fullness. I have had a few bad experiences that have left me very distraught & disappointed. It would really boost my confidence & body image if I had some fullness.

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Breast Enhancement Without A Surgery

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Dear Rita,


One possible solution in your case would be autologous fat injection but you will have 2 main things to consider:

1. Having enough of fat to transfer into your breasts.

2. You will not have the fullness of what you can achieve with a surgery.


I encourage you to seek a consultation with a board certified surgeon of extensive experience who can guide you to make a well informed decision.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

Breast enlargment

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You can try autologous fat transfer but it sounds like you may not have enough fat after a 30lb weight loss and it usually takes two surgeries. Your best be would be with implants and I am not sure I here you giving a reason why you would have anymore trouble with implants over the next patient.

Breasts can be enlarged by fat injections but this is an emerging therapy.

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Fat injections have been controversial for breast augmentation and still would not be considered mainstream.  However, it does work.  I would be very careful about signing on for this at this juncture as the techniques are being worked out.

Breast augmentation options

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The BRAVA system provides temporary enlargement by external expansion of you breasts. While you condition needs to be discussed with a board certified plastic surgeon as you may be a candidate for breast augmentation using fat injection with minimal scarring. 

Breast enhancement without surgery?

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Unfortunately there is nothing that I know of that can restore breast fullness without undergoin surgery such as with breast implants.

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