Is There Any Effective Way of Lifting the Lower Lips So Teeth Don't Show?

Dr. was kind enough to respond to my botched upper lip shortenting (vermilion advancement). My new question is: is there an effective way of lifting the lower lip so that my teeth don't show. The surgeon that performed the Vermilion Advancement also did some muscle tightening inside my lower lip; however, there was no improvement. Thank you, Valborg

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Lower Lip Lift with V-Y Lip Augmentation

Thank you for this interesting question. One option which you may not have considered is a V-Y lip augmentation. This is a surgical procedure that involves incision and local tissue rearrangement on the inside of the lower lip. The net effect is a fuller, somewhat taller lower lip. This may be a good way to reduce the show of your lower teeth. Best of luck moving forward!

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