Are There Any Dr.s Today That Do the Traditional Gold Standard CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing? Note - I'm NOT Interested in Fraxel!

I had CO2 traditional resurfacing about 20 yrs ago with fabulous results. Then I had CO2 Fraxel about 3 yrs. ago. I'm aware of the downtime & skin lightening with traditional CO2 & prefer it any day to any of the other options on the market. The CO2 Fraxel didn't work (and scared my upper lip)...BIG waste of money. BUT, I can't find a Dr. that still does the traditional gold standard CO2 laser. Many say they do..but with a little digging I find out it's a different laser - not traditional CO2.

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Traditional CO2 laser

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Fully ablative CO2 laser was the gold standard many years ago. Newer computer generated programs allow us to leave a small amount of skin without ablation thereby letting the healing process proceed much faster. I use a Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore CO2 laser that is programmable with Deep FX and Active FX as well as other settings. The setting of MAX FX would be what you are looking for. You should try to find a doc who has been doing laser for over ten years and has experience with fully ablative approach. They may be the only ones who are willing to go deeper than the present "gold standard."

CO2 laser resurfacing

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I'm not sure what area you are in, but there are definitely doctors that still perform CO2 laser resurfacing.  I still perform these procedures using an ultra pulse CO2 laser.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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