Are There Other Doctors Than Gary M. Horneski, MD That Perform the Ultimate Breast Lift? Maximum Lift Withouth Vertical Scar?

I have 2 children and have wanted a lift for almost 10 years. I'm searching for the right doctor and have been researching the procedure that is right for me. When I saw the before and after photos of Dr. Horndeski's patient's who had the Ultimate Breast Lift I was happy to see it's possible to not have a vertical scar with a lift. So, I would love to know if other doctors perform that procedure that are in or near Georgia and Florida?

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I just wanted to let you know that we do not allow doctors to self-promote, nor refer other doctors on our site, but I have included a link below that may help you with your research. The link will direct you to our board certified doctors in your area that specialize in Breast Lifts.

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Ultimate Breast Lift is a proprietary procedure

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The Ultimate Breast Lift is a proprietary procedure and as such; is uniquely exclusive. Plans to train others to perform this technique is being considered. But, for the time being Houston is its home.

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Breast Lift? Withouth Vertical Scar?

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A breast lift can be done without vertical scars

A circum-areolar lift  can be very effective ,especially if combined with internal lifting and mesh support

Hilton Becker, MD
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