Are There Any Doctors in the Raleigh NC Area That Would Be Willing to Do an In-house Payment Plan?

I have heard of Drs. and dentists that do this...I am wondering if there are any doctors in the Raleigh area that would be willing to do this with out financing, care credit etc. My credit deteriorated 200 points in the last 2 years, not because of me but because my 52 year old mom died and left me her home and my sister (17) and i had to pay her debt, taxes, funeral etc with no I let my bills go. I am current on them, and make payment arrangements and make good $, I would pay.

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In House Financing

  I would agree with Dr. Gottlieb that you can probably find someone in your area to provide in house financing.  I offer that in my office to some of my patients.

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In-house Payment Plan?

Most offices won't do this, feeling that if the pros at the banks wouldn't take the risk, why would an amateur. However, if you email around with a note sounding much like this posting, you may find someone willing to work with you. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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