Are There Any Doctors in the Charleston SC Area Who Allow One to Make Payments for Restylane Injections?

Are There Any Doctors in the Charleston SC Area Who Allow One to Make Payments for Restylane Injections?

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Restylane and cost

Every practice has different pricing, which is often competitive. You'll need to do some research by calling around your area, to reputable practices!

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Making Payments for Restylane Injections

Each office will have different policies regarding payment.  Some offices will finance internally. If not, many offices accept third party financing available such as CareCredit for those who want to pay over time. Check the Restylane USA website for possible surgeons who can fit your needs.

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Paying for cosmetic procedures over time.

Most physicians will require that cosmetic procedures be paid up front or at the very least at the time of service.  However, there are patient financing programs, the one I participate with is called CareCredit, which allows patients to finance their medical/cosmetic treatment for a varying period of time.  You may be able to go onto their website and find a doctor in your area which participates with a similar financing program and finance your cosmetic services.

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Payments for procedures are usually required up front

In my practice patients must be paid in full the day of the procedure. This allows me to cover the cost of my expenses, pay my staff, and make sure the patients will pay. I do allow patients who can't afford it all at once to bank their payments, i.e. make payments that we keep on credit until they have paid in full, and can then do the procedure. Some offices will allow this, but I don't know any that will allow a procedure to be done before it's paid for. It brings up too many problems. Also there is a financing program called CareCredit that's for cosmetic procedures. It allows you to do a procedure and pay it off over 18 months without interest. It's great for people who want to do a procedure and pay over time like you're asking, but the physician gets their money when you do the procedure. You can apply on their site and see physicians who take CareCredit; thereby getting both things you want. 

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