Is There a Doctor in Florida Who Can Fill in my Flat Head?

My head is very flat/indented on the top. I have spent my life teasing my hair, wearing hair pieces, etc., etc. All I need is a little increase in the height of my head; my head is simply too small for my face. My head is also flat on the back - one side more than the other. I can't wear hats, or anything that flattens my hair. I would love to wear a simple hair style; I would love to be free of this affliction. I will send pictures should I get a response.

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Flat head

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Pictures will help. If the increase in head height is not much one mat consider Alloderm graft.

can repeat Alloderm again in 6 months to gain more fullness and height.

Silicone rubber, Titanium implants are possible but Titanium and silicone will be custome made and are expensive.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Custom made silicone implant can be done for a flat head.

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Custom made silicone implant can be done for a flat head. Of course this depends on the xray results. Infection is the only complication that can occur when it is inserted that we have ever had with procedures like this. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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