Is there a doctor in Chicago or near Chicago that has repaired a diastasis on a patient with Elhers Danlos successfully?

Just yesterday I got diagnosed with Elhers Danlos. I am 31 years old. I haven't had any problems my whole life until after pregnancy. I was left with a 6cm diastasis recti from breast to pubic bone and a mild bladder prolapse and rectocele. My baby came early and was small and my labor was easy and quick. Come to find out this all happpend because of EDS. I want to get my diastasis it possible?

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Tummy tuck with Elhers Danlos syndrome

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Repair of your diastasis is possible despite the EDS and you are not a great surgical risk, however the risk of recurrent laxity is ever present. We would suggest clearance with your primary care physician and cardiologist and though few will have experience with EDS you can expect improvement with a well planned procedure.

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