Is There a Way to Tell if my Doctor Actually Did Capsulotomies or Cuts in my Breast Implant Scar Tissue?

I was told that the doctor made many incisions in my scar capsul instead of removing it. But from day one it was extremly firm and imoveable. I could feel only one place where there was an incision and that is because the implant is actually poking through and you can see the implant bulging up through the scar capsul.

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There are many ways to perform Capsulotomies.  It is very difficult to know where the Capsulotomies were done by examining a breast.  Performing Capsulotomies has less morbidity than Capulectomies but has a higher recurrence rate of contracture.  On your next visit to your surgeon, I would address all the concerns you are having.

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Capsulectomy VS capsuloromt

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Simple- ask you plastic surgeon who did the surgery. If the implant is Pocking through it is very important that your doctor knoe and examines you soon. If needed get another opinion,from a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery)

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Revision breast augmentation (?capsulotomy)

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Thank you for the question.

The best way to answer  your question  would be to ask your surgeon directly.  Sometimes external evidence of capsulotomy ( incision In the scar tissue surrounding the breast implant)  can be seen  when the implant Is more mobile and/or soft. Sometimes, however there is no external sign of capsulotomy.

A potential problem seen with capsulotomy or capsulectomy ( removal of scar tissue around the breast implant)  is that the implant may become more visible or palpable ( rippling). Therefore, the surgeon must be careful not to trade one problem (encapsulation with potential implant firmness and/or malposition)  for another problem (rippling and/or palpability of the implant)  which may be even  more difficult to correct.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon  to express your questions and concerns.

I hope this helps.

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