I was diagnosed with a bcc & have justI had mohs & reconstruction(5 days ago) cheek skin flap as cancer went deep 5? (photo)

When will I feel like myself again after mohs & reconstructive surgery

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How long does it take to recover from Mohs

Mohs is a procedure used to remove as little skin as possible, yet fully remove the cancer there. It is a time consuming procedure for this reason. Each Mohs will be different because cancers grow differently so the cuts, levels, and closure will be unique for you. The procedure can be cumbersome, but remember that you won't have the cancer there anymore afterwards and your surgeon will have removed only the most minimal amount of tissue possible. Your stitches will probably come out within 10 days and at that point I'm sure you'll start to feel better. A procedure like this can be long and hard, but it's worth it to preserve as much skin as possible in the long run.

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