Are There Different Types of Rosacea?

Is there a way to determine the type of Rosacea a person has?

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Four Main Types

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There are four main types of Rosacea.

The most common type, and in many ways the most difficult to treat, is the erythmo-telangiectatic type. This is marked by cnetral erythema (redness) and telangiectasias ( permanently dilated "broken" blood vessels. This is more common in women and less responsive to treatment. Trigger factors flare this type and often it began incidiously in youth in a tendency to blush easily.

The second type is the papulo-pustular type. This form of Roscaea has more to do with enlarged pores, over developed sebaceous glands, grease and oil, central papules and pustlues. Fortunately, antibiotics and occasionally Accutane can remedy this variety quite easily. Men prone in men it can lead to the thrid classification of Rosacea: Rhinophyma.

In Rhinophyma the rosacea victim's nose becomes bubous and distored. Such famous people as JP Morgan, WC Fields, President Bill Cllinton, and late Senator Claude Pepper had this. It is due to wildly hypertrophied sebaceous glands, edema, and erythem. It can be treated medically with Accutane and surgically with laser and electrodessication.

Finally, the fourth type is ocular rosacea. Symptoms can be subtle at first but consist of a gritty feeling of the eyes and frequent bouts of the eyes turning red and inflamed. This can be treated with an antibiotic and lid scrubbers.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Different Types of Rosacea

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Yes, facial redness and flushing are the most common signs of rosacea and usually are the first to develop. As the condition worsens, generalized redness can persist, as well as skin roughness and irritation.

1) Pimples and raised skin patches known as plaques can also develop on the skin in addition to the redness.

2) Rosacea may also cause rhinophyma, an enlargement of the nose causing a large, bulbous, appearance.

3) Ocular rosacea is also. Symptoms of ocular rosacea usually include runny or swollen eyes, bloodshot eyes and stinging.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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There are 2 major forms of rosacea...

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one is a look alike for acne...known as the papulo-pustular's treated by the usual acne meds...antibiotics and creams...only about 10-20% of rosacea fits into this category...but it's the most widely recognized form

the other type is the erythemotelangiectatic's the facial redness type that's often associated with exaggerated blushing/flushing and long lasting/permanent redness and later telangiectasis...what people generally call broken blood accounts for the majority of cases...then

other major types that are the big nose type...or rhinophyma that typically affects men and has long been improperly linked exclusively with excess alcohol use...and a final type of eye involvement whose manifestations vary widely...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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