Is there a difference between jaw implants and mandibular angle implants? Why does this doctor recommend not getting it done?

"Not a big fan of this procedure. I usually try and talk patients out of this because personally I feel the benefit/risk profile is weighted too much to the risk side. Lots of hand holding post op. I will do them but only if they are absolutely needed and the patient fully understands the pros and cons...Good luck but do not enter into this procedure without due consideration."

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Jaw and Mandibular Angle Implants

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Jaw implants can technically be either chin, jaw angle or a composite wrap around chin-jaw angle implant. A mandibular angle implant refers to that specific type of jaw angle implant.

This is the type of statement made by a doctor that has very limited experience with placing jaw angle implants. When viewed from the perspective of chin and cheek implants, jaw angle implants are more technically challenging to place and it is very easy to place the wrong style and size of jaw angle implant without a lot of experience. Because they are not as 'simple' as cheek and chin implants, jaw angle implants are often viewed as too difficult and yielding unsatisfactory results by many surgeons.

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