Is There a Difference Between F.U.E and U.R.F.U.E in Hair Transplant, if There is a Difference Which Procedure is Better? (photo

im planning on getting hair transplant, but im still undecided and not sure, im 35yo male not totally bald but with very thinning hair started in my early years in college and pretty much stayed the same. I saw two ads for doctors one says that does F.U.E and the other one says U.R.F.U.E so now im not sure which one is better or if there's a difference. The first doctor told me right after the procedure hes gonna injected PRP to help the hair grow and helps the new hair implants.

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Never heard of it. Many doctors make up names to try to make themselves famous. That does not reflect well on the doctor

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Don't be fooled with terminology of FUE, URFUE, ETC, ABC, DEF

Don't be fooled with terminology of FUE, URFUE, ETC, ABC, DEF

There is just two methods of harvesting hair follicles:
(1) Strip surgery, often referred to as FUSS (Folliculr Unit Strip Surgery)
(2) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Many clinics or doctors may give it their own name for marketing purposes or to distinguish themselves from others.
They are just names.

The only difference you should focus on is the RESULTS.

Finally, there is no clear evidence PRP works.  It's probably not harmful, but it may not be beneficial.
If your doctor is offering it for FREE, then there is probably no harm in it.  

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FUE Hair Transplant and Other Methods

As far as hair transplant techniques go, I have only heard of FUE, never URFUE. There are a few widely used modern methods that have been researched and developed thoroughly, including: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Body Hair Transplant (BHT). Almost anything outside of this is either an antiquated method, or may be one doctor’s personal spin and influence on a preexisting technique. For example, many doctors, myself included, have tailored and modified FUE to be what they believe is an effective technique. Subsequently, they brand it by giving it a unique name.

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