Is There a Definite Change to my Nose if It Was Once Broken?

When I was young I unfortunately went through quite rough childhood. I've always been the quiet type, but unfortunately trouble always came to me, I had a fight when I was 14 and my nose was broken, I had all the symptoms puffy eyes swelling of the nose etc.... Will my nose definitely look different to how it was before or is it possible it could have healed perfectly? With any broken bone in the nose will there always be a change if left untreated? I don't like the way my nose looks.

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Broken nose

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 When  the nose becomes fractured the bones can be either non-displaced  or displaced, depending upon the severity of the injury. Non-displaced fractures do not need to be repaired, while displaced fractures are usually crooked and twisted  and usually  require repair. It's also important it evaluate the internal septum to make sure it is not deviated causing a breathing issue. Please see the link below  for expectations on repairing a twisted nose

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Changes after a Nasal Fracture

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It is possible for a patient to have no change in appearance or function after a nasal fracture. If you do not like the appearance of your nose it may be the result of your previous fracture so I recommend that you consult with a rhinoplasty specialist to correct your nose.

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