Is There Any Data on How Long a Breast Reconstruction with BRAVA System Lasts?

If I have a reconstruction with the BRAVA bra and fat transfer, how long will the results last? Over time, is there a likelihood of fat necrosis or absorption? Can the fat shift or move, changing the shap of the breast? Are repeated fat transfers needed as time goes on? Have there been any studies to document the long-term results? I must choose (quickly) between a TRAM/DIEP flap and the BRAVA approach. Thanks for your help.

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BRAVA plus fat grafting is an exciting new procedure

BRAVA plus fat grafting is an exciting new procedure.  The results seem to be holding up over time as well as other methods of breast reconstruction.  Repeated transfers are needed to complete the breast reconstruction at first.  An implant can also be used after the fat transfer(s) if indicated.  These procedures are usually outpatient surgeries which are easier to recover from than flap surgery.  Both methods have many advantages and disadvantages.  Be careful not to rush your decision.  If you still have questions make a follow-up appointment with your doctor and get the answers before surgery!  Good luck on your journey.  

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Data on How Long Breast Recon w/Brava Lasts?

I am not sure what your sense of urgency is. If you are unsure and unclear about which technique to go with then either you have not been educated fully or you have not asked the appropriate questions. All of the reconstructions you discuss are very technically oriented procedures and you should understand in as much detail as possible how they work. BRAVA is a newer technique and if I were having a reconstruction I would want to see pictures and data of success. With the BRAVA they claim to only be able to create a B-cup with one treatment and to obtain larger breast sizes you would need 2-3 other injection sessions over 2-6 months. I would guess there is more data with the other techniques you ask about. Being that said, if your surgeon has great results with either technique and you like what you see in pre and post op photos then your decision should be easier. The traditional teaching is that usually only about 40-60% of fat will survive with fat grafting techniques. Touch up procedures are generally the rule.

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You have many questions about breast reconstruction and fat transfer.

Thank you for your questions.

You have many questions that have a lots of details and nuances.  You need to have an in depth consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in these procedures. Typed answers in this forum will be inadequate.

To see which of the procedures you inquired about may be best for you, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.  I hope this helps.

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