There Are 2 Dark Colored Indents in my Upper Lip Post Juviderm? (photo)

2 months ago, I had a dermatologist inject lips with Juviderm. There was a hematoma on one side of my upper lip, and it was very discolored, so hyaluronidase was injected into the affected side, conservatively. Anyway, a week and a half after the injections, after the swelling went down, I noticed 2 odd disocolored indents on either side of the center of my upper lip. The indent on the side enzyme was injected looks purple bluish sometimes. First thing in the morning,on tho, they are filled out.

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Indentations after Hyaluronidase

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     Hyaluronidase can reduce the Juvederm burden, but this is difficult to assure precision removal of Juvederm.  There will also be residual swelling and ongoing degradation of the product after injection.

Indents in lip after Filler

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It is very hard to appreciate the indent in the lip after the filler. The indent could be from the hyaluronidase or unevenly dissolved filler underneath. In either case, I would just wait it out and I'm sure it will just resolve with time without rushing into any further treatments. Thankfully the lips look terrific and I'm sure no one will comment on the indents without a 10-times magnifying mirror on hand.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Indents after Juvederm or Vitrase?

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I can see what you are describing but given the fact that the defect is subtle you could ignore it or come back in for a touch up. Vitrase may be more responsible for the indents than the Juvederm since it dissolves the product. In any case your lips look very nice!

There Are 2 Dark Colored Indents in my Upper Lip Post Juviderm?

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After careful review of your posted photos it is VERY hard to see these areas. But if you see them than the issue is what next. I might consider a few "drops" of pure fat or laser therapy to discolor the areas, or both. 

Indents of lip after filler

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It is very difficult to see the indents on the photos you posted. Perhaps filler dissolved inconsistently around the area?  Best to be seen in person.

Difficult for us to see

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It is difficult for us to see the indents that you describe. This may either be due to photo quality, or that the imperfections are very subtle, in which case, you may be the only one that can notice them. Perfection is very difficult to achieve, and very subtle irregularities/asymmetries are the norm rather than the exception.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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