Is There a Danger of Developing Sacral Agenesis with Total Circumferential Belt Lipectomy with Certain Pelvic Structures?

I realize that sacral agenesis usually a birth defect.

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Sacral Agenesis

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Sacral Agenesis isn't usually a birth defect, it is always a birth defect. If you are asking if damage can be done to the sacrum with a belt lipectomy causing it to lose it's blood supply, I would say no to that.

There certainly are risks to consider if you are contemplating a belt lipectomy. I wouldn't worry about this one.

Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Sacral agenesis and total circumferential belt lipectomy

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Hi fiddledd, yes sacral agenesis is a congenital birth defect. I'm not aware of any way that sacral agenesis could develop after a total circumferential belt lipectomy.

Jill Tomlinson, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Sacral Agenesis not a risk of Body lift/ Belt lipectomy procedures

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Hi there-

Assuming you were not born with a deformity of your lower spine, there should be no reason why undergoing a body contouring procedure would put you at risk for developing one.

Sacral agenesis

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To my knowledge, sacral agenesis has not be reported after circumferential body lift procedures.  As you mentioned, this is a rare congenital manifestation.

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