IS There Some Cream You Can Use for Under Eye Swelling in the Cheek Area?

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Cream For Under Eye Swelling

Thank you for your question. Creams with caffeine can help in some instances, but this is usually due to either seasonal allergies of from genetic fat deposits in eh lower eye area. Try treating as an allergy first, and if no improvement, then see your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation for p[possible fat pad extraction. I hope this helps.

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Cream for swelling below eyes.

There are many commercial products that claim to be nearly "magic" in reducing eye lines or puffiness! Realize that for these products to be called a "cosmetic" and not fall under FDA regulations for pharmaceuticals that actually have a tissue effect, these cosmetics companies must have provided conclusive proof to the FDA that the product does NOT have any physiologic effect on living tissue! Otherwise the product is a pharmaceutical and requires FDA approval and physician prescription! So you have to understand that every new cosmetic that any company develops and readies for commercial use has already been PROVEN to be ineffective! Amazing, isn't it?

Of course, there are astringents (usually alcohol-based, that dry the skin), moisturizers (usually lanolin or oil-based, that hydrate and block evaporation of dry or chapped skin), and now a huge class of "cosmeceuticals" that attempt to bridge the gap between basic cosmetics (a multibillion dollar industry) and pharmaceuticals (also a multibillion dollar industry) with lower concentrations or different formulations of those prescription medications that truly have an effect. Some of these actually do have high-tech formulations that do cause striking changes in skin, but if they were overly amazing, they would become a pharmaceutical and require FDA approval and physician prescription for use. Or "dumbed down" to really low and safe "over-the-counter" concentrations.

So that brings us to your question. I assume you've tried cool packs, topical cosmetics and moistruizers, and the usual suspects. What you need now is either a topical steroid (start weak (like hydrocortisone available at the drug store) and follow directions. If you need something stronger, you will need to see a Dermatologist or plastic surgeon and consider conservative steroid injection to help resolve the swelling faster than time alone will allow.

You may also be a candidate for blepharoplasty.

Hard to know without an exam and much more information. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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