Is There Cosmetic Surgery with Hair for Eyebrows for Male W/ Alopecia Universalis? Success Rate?

I am a male...had Alopecia for 22 yrs. I have very minimal wispy whitish brows...almost appears completely gone. Is there a surgerical procedure with other types of hair that goes on the eyebrow line? thanks Steve

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Eyebrow Restoration for Alopecia Universalis

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Hi Steve. There is a way to restore the eyebrows through cosmetic surgery. It is called eyebrow transplant, and transfers hair from a donor source on the patient’s head (or legs) to the eyebrow area. However, if your condition has left you with no scalp or body hair, you would have nothing to use as donor hair for the eyebrows. In addition, the cyclical and unpredictable nature of alopecia universalis means that successfully transplanted hairs could fall out again.

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