Is There Any Way to Correct if the Skin on my Neck is Way Too Tight After Neck Lift? Any Options? (photo)

I had a neck and lower face lift 10 weeks ago. I love how my face has turned out, but my neck is completely freaking me out. It seems like every day my neck feels and looks tighter and tighter, like the skin is shrink-wrapped. I can see the entire structure of the neck, the Adam's Apple, deep hollows on the sides of the trachea, lots of cording underneath the chin from platysma muscles, etc. The skin pulls when I turn my head (you can see the pull) and is flushed red most of the time. Help!

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Neck Lift -Skin feels too tight

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Your neck does look a little empty.  Perhaps a little too much subcutaneous fat was removed and your skin feels like it is scarring down to the underlying muscle.  Additionally I see your platysma muscles don't seem to be too tight in the middle.  This makes me think I corset plastysmaplasty was not performed.  That can possibly be a corrective maneuver that may improve your neck contour if this doesn't even out.  At this point, I would continue to let things settle.  When all the scars feels soft, consider a review with your plastic surgeon as to what options exist. 

Is There Any Way to Correct if the Skin on my Neck is Way Too Tight After Neck Lift

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Without knowing the techniques applied during your procedure, it's difficult to access. Though recovery from a surgical #necklift varies from person to person, patients are generally presentable within three weeks from surgery. Generally, it will take approximately 7-10 days for the early healing. Also, wearing a #compression garment may be suggested the first week and then nightly for up to six weeks.

The #incision scars from a necklift will soften and fade away within six to twelve months from the surgery date. During this time, the rejuvenating effects of the necklift will become most obvious and the neck feels the most normal (ex. little discomfort, soft, normal sensation, no more post-op firmness). Following this stage, the true restorative effects of your necklift result will be apparent. If during your healing, you have any concerns, it is suggested to call your board-certified surgeon or their medical staff and discuss those #concerns.

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Tightness Following Neck lift

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The tightness of your skin will loosen progressively over the first three months and should not be a concern if you are able to have patience in the vast majority of cases. Regarding the comment that "you can now see the entire structure of your neck" may be secondary to liposuction of the neck - ask your plastic surgeon about your concerns - he/she is in the best position to comment on what to expect in your individual case.

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