Is there any way to correct the asymmetry of my jaw and eyes? (photo)

The jaw is causing me pain, especially on the longer (my right) side. The asymmetry is compounded by some tooth crowding (visible in the second photo). In general, it looks like one half of my face is longer than the other and both my eyes and ears are visibly uneven. It's also pronounced from the side view. No one's ever diagnosed me with anything. Could it be a very minor form of hemifacial microsomia?

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Jaw Issues

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In general, this problem should be address by a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in maxillofacial surgery. The consultations may include seeing a oral maxillofacial surgeon and a dentist. Cat Scans of the facial bones may diagnose the extent of the asymmetry. 

Please consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

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