Is There Any Consequences on Having Children 4 or 5 Yrs After a Brazilian but Lift ?

Iam planing on having the brazilian but lift procedure but i plan on having more children in 4 o 5 yrs after does it cause any pg complications will ur butt go back to before the surgery what do you recommend thank you .

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Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Before Pregnancy

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The Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed before pregnancy. Because the liposuction removes fat cells, most women are pleased to hear that they will remain thinner around the waist during pregnancy. Pregnancy does cause changes to the body and you may need some minor revision surgery after pregnancy to nullify these effects, although many women who have a Brazilian Butt Lift before pregnancy and do not need revision afterwards.


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Can the BBL be followed by a pregnancy 4-5 years later?

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Many women have the BBL at an early age and follow it with pregnancies afterwards.  The effect isusually minimal, although one can never completely predict the effects of pregnancy on various parts of the body. But unlike a tummy-tuck before pregnancy, I would not hesitate to perform the BBL even if followed later by a pregnancy. And if pregnancy does end up having an effect on the butt, then you can have some touch-up surgery. Good luck!

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