Is there a connection between Radiesse and Calcium Supplements?

I have had Radiesse a few times last year around my cheekbones and jawlines, and noticed that results do not last more than a few weeks. This year I have noticed that I have a deficiency in Vitamin D, and consequently Calcium, so I started taking supplements (vitamin d/calcium), and I had Radiesse last month. So far I can still tell it's there, do you reckon there's a connection between Calcium supplements and Radiesse longevity ?

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Is there a connection between #Radiesse and Calcium Supplements?

I am not aware of a connection between Radiesse and Calcum supplements, even though calcium hydroxylapatite crystals are contained in Radiesse.  I suspect it has more to do with the amount of Radiesse you had injected, the manner/location in which it was injected (relative to the depth of the skin) or both.
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Radiesse and calcium supplements

No, there is no connection between these two things. My assumption would be one of two things - either you got a new and better injector, or more Radiesse was put in than prior and placed in a better area for your results.

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