Will There Be Complications for Chin Implant After Artefill Was Used to Augment the Chin? I Disliked my Artefill Chin Augmention

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Chin implant after Artefill

It is possible to have a chin implant after having Artefill to the same area.  The chin implant is placed on top of the bone and the Artefill is injected into the soft tissue above the bone, so they are in different layers.  There may be an issue with the timing of placing your chin implant though.  I would recommend waiting at least two months after the Artefill was placed before having the chin implant.  This should allow the full effect of the Artefill to be seen before having the implant placed. 

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Interactions with Artefill and a chin implant

Artefill is placed in the mid/superficial dermis and for that reason is very superficial relative to a true chin implant.  It has limited FDA indications for certain lines and folds on the face and really is not indicated for chin augmentation. 

Steven Swengel, MD
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