There is Clear Liquid Coming out of my Nipple 2 Months Po of Capsular Contracture Removal. What Can This Be? (photo)

I am 2 months po capsular contracture removal from my left breast and it is still slightly hard and has not dropped yet. My right breast is 9 month po and is doing great. First of all I am concerned why my breast has not dropped and why it is still hard, and specially why I have liquid coming out of my nipple when I massage it vigorously. I read it can be seroma, yet I am not sure. Please help. I just came back from seeing my sergeant and didn't really answer my questions.

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Nipple secretions may be Galactorrhea

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Your nipple discharge may be unrelated to your capsular contracture.  This condition is known as galactorrhea .  It does appear that you may have a recurrent capsular contracture on the right side.  

Clear Liquid Coming out of my Nipple 2 Months Po of Capsular Contracture Removal

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It is not at all rare to have some nipple discharge (with or without breast surgery). It is not likely that this is related to a seroma. 

It does look like you may have a recurrent capsular contracture.An examination by your surgeon will confirm or exclude the possiblitiy. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Drainage from nipples

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It is not unusual for drainage to occur from nipples especially in women who have been pregnant. Typically it will be clear.  Should it become bloody, this will need to be addressed, for it is not normal.  Having a seroma will not necessarily give nipple drainage--most do not.  Should the drainage persist, you might need a mammagram.  Ultrasound treatments may be helpful to soften your breasts. You can discuss these issues with your surgeon.

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