Is There a Chin Implant for Everyone? I've Had Two And Am Unhappy.

The reason I ask is because I've already had two chin implants and it still does not look right. I have these dents on the side now and my doctor is wanting to provide me with fat injections. I am really scared as I am not sure what I should do? Is this sometimes the case where you have to work with fillers to get a chin augmentation right? My doctor is saying that my chin is so small that its difficult to get a chin implant that will fit me perfectly. 

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Chin implants usually look great.

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Your story is very unusual.  We have never had to correct a chin implant with fillers, and it is very rare to have to do a revision    It is usually a matter of picking the right shape and size implant  (sterile sizers are used during surgery to determine this) and then putting it in exactly the right place.   But of course I don't really know for you.  Perhaps you have very unusual anatomy.

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