Is There a Charge to Answer Questions? Had Braces For 15 Months and Teeth Getting Crooked?

47yo, started braces 15mos to correct slight overbite, but thinking of stopping b/c molars got crooked from the pull of the rubberbands,and right side touches more than left when biting down. Otherwise teeth were straight, no hx of major dental issues. Is it ok to stop? Will teeth move back to original position and correct itself. Any suggestion? Any possible future potential issue if stop now?

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Stoping treatment

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Talk to your Dr and make sure you both know your concerns. If your dentist is not an orthodontist maybe a second view by a specialist is needed. What ever you decide follow the instructions of your Dr. And clearly express your fears and concerns I am sure they can answers your questions. Best to finish but make sure there are not bone or other issues at play

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Sometimes teeth get worse before they get better with braces

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While it can be frustrating during treatment with braces or any form of orthodontics, sometimes things get worse before they get better.  If you stop now, they likely won't go back, but they probably won't stay put either.  Incomplete orthodontics can lead to uneven wear and tear, so be sure to consult with your orthodontist about ALL options.

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