Is there a way to change eye color without contact lenses? There are some web sites that claim Prostaglandin changes the color.

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Color changes can be a side effect when Latisse is accidently administered in the eye.

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Color changes can be a side effect when Latisse is accidently administered in the eye. Latisse is not indicated for application to the eye. 


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Can You Change Eye Color Without Contact Lenses?

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Prostaglandin is the active ingredient in Latisse. Color change of the iris has been seen with the use of Latisse. However, it is seen in hazel colored eyes where the pigment becomes darker and larger. It has also been noted to increase pigmentation around the eye. Many patients are also concerned about their blue eyes changing to brown. They should not be concerned. I hope this helps.

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Changing eye color with Latisse

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Latisse is not to be used directly in the eye. The issue with changing eye color really only has to do with hazel eyes because the prescription solution can make the spots that are brown in hazel eyes, larger and darker. It will not change someone's blue eyes to brown. And it should not be used cosmetically to change eye color.

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