There is a bump on my nose that was cause from injury two days ago, should I continue to ice it?

I have hit my nose on a door where there is evidence of a cut. There is some swelling on the bridge as well as the upper cartilidge. And from the profile, you can tell that a bump is forming? Should I ice it? Will this help the possibility of not causing a permanent hump?

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Ice Is Good, But A Consultation With A Rhinoplasty Surgeon Is Better.

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Dear Clumsy:

I'm sorry you hit your nose on a door.The swelling is predictable.The question is whether or not there has been a lot of bruising, and when the swelling goes down, which is usually within 10 days, will your nose look like it did before?It is possible that the nose will look different.It is also possible that your breathing will be different, so you should have the nose evaluated.It is a bit late at this point, based on your submission saying your injury was "nine days ago;" as of today, even more time has elapsed.

If you note either a change in your breathing or a change in the shape of the nose, or you are just curious about how it looks, consult with a nasal specialist who does a lot of nose work.That is the important thing.You want someone who is experienced, someone who has dealt with many broken nose injuries.Look for someone who "majors" in nose surgery.There are such nasal specialists available throughout the country.

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You should see a doctor

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The website is a great forum for cosmetic surgery tips, but it does not substitute for the need for acute medical care.  If you hit your nose and are concerned about how it looks, you need to see facial plastic or general plastic surgeon.  Ice should help with the swelling, but a new bump on the nose can be caused by fractures of the bones, septum or both.

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