Why is There a Bump Inside my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had tip-plasty and now when I put my finger inside my nose, it's not as spacious as it was before. I can BARELY put my finger in. I'm really worried that the huge bump inside my nose is going to stay there forever and the bump's really hard. I'm afraid my surgeon moved my cartilage lower so there's less room now. Is it likely it's just swelling and it will go away (how long will it take) or did my surgeon move the cartilage in a way so there's barely any room inside my nose?

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Nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty

I hate to give you such a generic answer, but without being able to examine you, or at least pictures, no one would be able to give you an accurate answer besides the surgeon who knows exactly what she/he did.  

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