Why Are There Bubbles on Upper Eyelids Post Blepharoplasty? What Are My Options? (photo)

I am really worried about my eyes. There are lumps and ridges under the eyes, angular scar on right upper eye, scar above eyelid crease on left eye, drooping eyelids and since yesterday bubbles on inner corner of upper eyes. Surgeon wants to do canthopexy do correct drooping. I have been using steristrips, bio oil and massage and have had one set of steroid injections already. Please help!

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Eyelid revision surgery

Your posted photos show drooping brows, pulling of the lower eyelids away from the eyeball near the outer corners (left worse than right), small bulges in the upper eyelids near the inner corners and discoloration of the eyelid skin that almost looks like bruising. I suspect that you had your surgery recently so it is impossible to tell how much of this is swelling after surgery that will resolve on its own and how much is not swelling that will require revision surgery. Your best option is to be reassessed some months after surgery as long as there are no other problems like dry eye.

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Why Are There Bubbles on Upper Eyelids Post Blepharoplasty? What Are My Options? (photo)

Based on your post, I assume you are more than 2 weeks after your surgery.  In these cases, unless there is some overriding reason, in most cases it is better to wait 6 months post-operatively before revising the surgery.  In fact, sometimes things improve on their own.  Get an immediate second opinion from an Oculoplastic surgeon before doing more surgery.  What I have seen over and over is that another procedure is done after 2 weeks and before 6 months and it only complicates the situation.  Good luck.

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Your photos show post-operative ectropion.

You do not tell us how long out from surgery you are.  It is well that your surgeon wants to correct this.  However, a canthopexy may or may not fix this situation.  You may very well need a stronger procedure like a canthoplasty.  Also unless your corneas are drying out because of this issue, time is on your side.  Yes both you and your surgeon are anxious to fix this, however, sometimes if one is patient, the eyelid may relax into place without the need for revisional surgery.

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