Are There Any Breast Lift W/ Implant Incisions That Affect Nipple Sensation?

I am very interested in getting breast lift w/ implants, but worry if it will affect nipple sensation? I'm sure with techniques these days, this isn't much of a worry, but never hurts to ask. Thanks for reading/replying.

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Changes in sensation after breast augmentation and a breast lift are common but usually temporary. Talk to your surgeon to find out the best incision placement for you that could help minimize this risk.

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Nipple Sensation After Breastlift

There is a risk for nipple sensory alteration or loss with any type of mastopexy. The key is to minimize the undermining in this area and the extent of the incision of the area of the nerve and outer aspect of the breast area. There is no one specific technique to minimize sensation loss more than others. It is more affected by the implant size and the level of dissection.

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Breast lift incisions

Any surgery on the breast carries with it the risk you may have some loss of sensation to an area of the breast including the nipple. A breast lift has more of a risk than an augmentation alone because there is more surgery done to the breast. Having said that, most women do not express that they have loss of sensation to their nipple after they have healed from the surgery.

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Breast lift and implants and nipple sensation

Although uncommon, it is a small possiblity that you will have a change in sensation of your nipple. I quote a number of 5-15%.  That may mean slight change or no sensation at all.

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Small chance of decreased sensation


The chance of nipple sensation loss depends in part on your surgeon on he/she performs the procedure as well as the size of your implants.  To a lesser extent the incision that is used also may make a small difference in nipple sensation loss.  Incisions around the areola have a theoretical increase in chance of nipple sensation loss.  In general, if your plastic surgeon is well trained and your implants are relatively average in size your chance of nipple sensation loss is very small.

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Are There Any Breast Lift W/ Implant Incisions That Affect Nipple Sensation?

Thanks for the question. It is one I think all of us that do these surgeries address in detail during a preop conference. All breast lift or reduction or augmentation procedures run the risk of losing some or all of the nipple sensation on one or both sides. I find that about 90% of my patients notice no change at all and about 10% find some degree of postoperative sensory loss. This may or may not improve with time and we have no medicines or surgery to help it so it is a risk you must be willing to take if you decide to have the surgery. You did not include photos so this next part of the answer may or may not apply to you. If you need a full lift with the anchor pattern scar, many of us, myself included, do the lift first and let it heal before doing the augmentation. This is done to reduce the risk that circulation to the skin will be reduced too much when both procedures are done the same day. That can result in some bad complications that include skin loss which could cause severe damage or loss of the nipple and areola. Make sure you are seeing surgeons in consultation that have a great deal of experience in this procedure.

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Getting a breast lift with implants is very common. The risks are there, it has a lot to do with the techniques of the each surgeon. In our practice we haven’t had a patient that has experience permanent loss of sensation. At first it can be hyper sensitive or hypo.  With time the nerves regenerate and go back to normal.


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