Is There Anything I Can Do to Make Both Sides of my Face More Similar?

One side of my face is fatter than the other. I can clearly see this both in the mirror and in pictures. It completely changes my face. On one side the jaw is more defined whereas it is less visable on the other and of course on the fatter side my cheek appears fuller. I have quite a slim face too. Are there any surgeries available to make both sides of my face more exact.

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Facial Asymmetry

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Although everyone has asymmetry in his/her faces, it can be more noticeable in some people.  There are ways to successfully address this.  Depending on how much asymmetry you have, you may not necessarily need to have surgery to even out your face.

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I noticed you did not provide any photos

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Human faces have asymmetries.  Some asymmetries are more evident than others.  Sometimes the issue is really only evident to ourselves.  When this type of issue becomes a large focus of your time and energy, and it begins to interfere with your ability to enjoy your like, psychologists call this body dysmorphic disorder and therapy can help you gain insight into these preoccupations.

While there are things that can be done with fillers etc, it really makes no sense to spin speculation here.  I would recommend that you consider reposting with your photos so we can understand better what you are talking about.

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