Is there anything should be done before replacing my porcelain crowns with new ones that should reduce the darkness in the gum?

I currently have 4 porcelain crowns on my front teeth, and I am about to replace them since my insurance will cover it. The gum above the crowns is a bit darker. Before the all porcelain crowns i currently have, I had the crowns with some metal, and had a root canal treatment on 3 of the 4 teeth. Should anything be done before replacing the crowns to reduce the darkness in the gum?

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Reducing the Darkness in Gums Before Replacing Porcelain Crowns

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A highly experienced Cosmetic Dentist would know what to do. Sounds like you are going to an"insurance driven" dentist who will be replacing them because the insurance company will pay again. Your roots are probably quite dark due to the Root Canals.

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