Is There an Average Amt. of Fat Cc's Injected In at One Time for a Butt Lift?

MY abdomen, waist, hips, and back will be lipo'ed. how many cc's are averagely injected for a one time injection? To achieve a nice round butt?

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How much do you transfer in a Brazilan Butt Lift

Ths question cannot be readily answered since women and their buttocks cme in a variety of sizes, women's ideal buttocks goals vary enormously and the cosmetic  ideals among different ethnic groups run th full spectrum. As a result there is no uniform threshold fat volume which must be transferred in any one woman. On th average though I find that I need to transfer at least 500cc of fat per buttock cheek..

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Best Size For Brazilian Butt Lift

The amount of fat injected into each buttock necessary to obtain optimal results in a Brazilian butt lift varies depending on each patient.  The amount of fat harvested and available for transfer depends on each patients' body habitus and distribution of excess fat.  Assuming that the patient has an adequate amount of excess fat available for transfer, I typically transfer in the range of 350cc to 500cc of fat to each buttock.  This amount of fat transfer to the buttock seems to give a significant amount of volume enhancement while greatly improving the shape of the trunk and buttocks.  However, the range of fat transfer to each buttock varies between 200cc to 1200cc of fat to each buttock.  

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